This summer Stormy Daniels will be paying a visit to upstate and while she won't be in our neck of the woods we have come up with a few places we don't expect to see Stormy if she decides at the last minute to pay us a visit here in Utica. If she does show up we'll let you know.

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5 Places you would not expect to See Stormy Daniels in Utica:

  • Peepers - maybe but peepers would have to come up with a bunch of money and while anything is possible this one is highly unlikely.
  • Utica Zoo - Well the families at the zoo that day would be more than a little surprised.
  • Stonebridge Golf Course - well she is familiar with golf courses and equipment, nuff said
  • City Hall - If she shows up it would be for all the wrong reasons, what the heck it would liven up the city offices.
  • Pin-O-Rama - We thought both golf and bowling have similar equipment so to speak.

Just when you think you've seen it all, well not yet you haven't. Get ready for Stormy Daniels in Buffalo on August 10th and 11th at Scores in the town of Tonawanda. Scores have two locations, including one on Genesee near Transit Road

The club will be renamed to The New York Showgirls by the time Stormy comes to town. Club owner David Scrivani said, "it's going to be a hell of a show".

Stormy will be on a national tour, starting Wednesday in Pittsburgh. She has 43 appearances dates posted on her Instagram account.

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