If you want to get a conversation going with a local New Yorker just ask who would want to move here when there are so many other places to live where it's not cold. They will tell you what a draw it is to move to one of the best cities in the East.

# 1 We have more snow than you will ever need and you'll get more exercising and wear out at least one snow shovel each winter. However, we have the best skiing in the East and snowmobiling on the Tug Hill in the north part of the state.

# 2 If you like Italian food you will think you have died and gone to heaven. You can find a different place serving Italian food each week for a year and we're talking good traditional Italian.

# 3 Syracuse is not your average run of the mill college town. Just watch the look on your friend's faces when you tell them you have managed to get your hands on SU tickets to the next home game. Oh, SU has the 5th largest population in the state.

# 4  A piece of history runs right through the state and many parks and trails line the canals and host many festivals every spring, summer and fall.

# 5 Syracuse has one of the best zoos outside of the San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California. That's my opinion but the Rosamond Gifford Zoo is a definite stop throughout the year.

# 6 If you are a golfer you will be challenged by some of the best courses in Central New York including but not limited to Tecumseh, one of the best.

# 7 Without a doubt two events held at the state fairgrounds each year are not to be missed. First the New York State Fair in August, and the PPG Syracuse Nationals. the largest car show in the East that had over 8,000 custom cars on display.



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