Steven Tyler takes the wheel in a new commercial set to air during this weekend's Super Bowl.

In the ad – it's titled "Fueled by Youth," and you can watch above – the Aerosmith singer gets behind the wheel of a 2018 Kia Stinger, throws the car in reverse and proceeds to burn rubber around a track while the band's "Dream On" serves as a soundtrack.

The idea here is that by driving in reverse, Tyler can turn back time, which the commercial brings to life in vivid detail. The modern-day Tyler – you know, the one who looks like an old lady with facial hair – enters the car, but a young, clean-shaven version of the singer steps out after the joy ride.

"With 365 horsepower, the new 2018 Kia Stinger is a legend in the making," reads the commercial's copy. "But what happens when it comes face to face with another legend: rock 'n' roll icon Steven Tyler? Watch as Steven and the Stinger defy history in Kia’s 2018 Big Game ad."

This isn't Tyler's first Super Bowl commercial. Two years ago, he starred in a spot for Skittles in which he gets his first look at a portrait of himself made entirely of the rainbow-colored candy. That ad took a lighter look at his image – "That's E to the Z ooh twiddly-dee 'sgusting!" he noted in that runaway-scatting thing he does with his voice – where the new one seems to play more on nostalgia. At one point, he looks in the rear-view mirror and glimpses his fresh-faced, younger self.

There's also a reverse version of the ad, titled "Feel Something Again," that's basically the "Fueled by Youth" commercial rolled backward. You can watch that one below.


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