New York State Department of Transportation workers are helping Utica prepare for Sunday's Boilermaker Road Race.

Roadside mowing and sweeping has been underway for the past week.

The DOT has also placed 600 orange traffic barrels along the course and is coordinating 12 variable message signs.

Todd Westhuis, New York State DOT Chief of Staff, says construction on the Burrstone Road bridge will be adjusted on Sunday to accommodate runners.

"The Boilermaker Road Race is a major event that draws tens of thousands of runners and spectators and provides an economic boost to the city, and our aim is to make traveling around Utica during Boilermaker weekend as safe and efficient as possible," said Acting DOT Commissioner Paul Karas.

Over 20 DOT employees will be running in the 15K race.

The DOT will also be sponsoring a large-scale water station on Burrstone Road in front of the entrance to Utica College.

Jim Rondenelli, WIBX
Jim Rondenelli, WIBX

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