A historic Prohibition Era island hideout in Upstate New York is on the market and 'scenic island hideaway' doesn't begin to cover it. Take a look inside this amazing historic property.

The Prohibition Era Whiskey Island maintained its name from from when it was the main 'Drop and Run' point for rum runners to smuggle liquor across the US and Canadian border.

This historic island listed by Franklin Ruttan Unique Property Specialists is for sale to the tune of $2.4 million. The island was featured on HGTV's "Island Hunters," Whiskey Island is one of the oldest island cottages in the Thousand Islands. It can serve as a corporate retreat, family vacation home, artist residencies or romantic getaways.

The island is on the St. Lawrence River and interested buyers can only reach the island by boat or seaplane. For those who do not wish to buy but would like to spend some time there, there's a rental option. The island is available for a weekly rental of $8,000 per-week.

Whiskey Island straddles the border between New York and Canada. The property is located at the southwest end of the Thousand Islands along the U.S. and Canadian border at the head of Grindstone Island. The property includes a swimming deck, an eight-bedroom lodge built in 1875, a two-bedroom guest cottage, and several docks that offer amazing views of the Thousand Islands.

Boat House

  • Boat House has attached Skiff House
  • Significant and ample dockage
  • Can accommodate a 70' yacht on the outside dock

If you have decided this is a property that you can't pass up for family vacations here are a few numbers for you to toss around.

  • Price $2,400,000
  • Size 3.1-acre island
  • Taxes $23,758 (town and school)
  • Built in 1875
  • Monthly Mortgage  $9,785

Whiskey Island On St. Lawrence River

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