This isn't the time to get that lead foot out of retirement. The New York State Troopers are looking for speeders more than usual.

The New York State Troopers are targeting speeding and aggressive drivers during 'Speed Enforcement Week.' They'll also be looking for drivers that violate New York's 'Move Over' law which requires motorists to change lanes to give stopped emergency vehicles a wide berth on roadways.

'Speed Enforcement Week' begins August 1 and continues until August 7, 2019. 

There's a chance you won't even know you've been caught until it's too late: troopers are using marked and unmarked vehicles, allowing them to blend into traffic.

Troopers are also targeting distracted or impaired drivers, and drivers who aren't properly buckled in.

You shouldn't be speeding or on your phone while you're driving anyway, but now is an especially bad time to do it - so just don't.



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