The popular snowmobiling spot will be closed this season due to a conflict between the land owners and local officials. That sucks for snowmobilers!

Tug Hill is a huge destination spot for any avid snowmobiler. Winter brings lots of sleds and revenue as the Tug Hill plateau has more snowfall in the Winter than anywhere else in NYS. Riders used the now closed trail as the main route between northeastern Oswego County and Lewis County.

Edward B. Montieth, President of the Redfield Snowmobile Association, tells he received a letter from Matt Smith, director of operations for the Salmon River Timberlands LLC, a subsidiary of WoodWise Land Company.  The letter stated they would not be opening any of their property to the public snowmobile trails in the town of Redfield for the 2017-2018 snow season.

Without getting into all the semantics, it sounds like there's a proposed windmill project in that area and they're possibly having a problem working out zoning details if they've even gotten that far.

The Redfield Snowmobile Association, which has over 700 members, is working on alternative snowmobiling routes in the area.

Anvangrid is holding an open house where you can find out more on the project. It's 2 to 4 p.m and 6 to 8 p.m on September 20 at the Lorraine Fire Hall and September 21, at the Redfield Fire Hall.

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