Even the ball boy gets in on this.

This is a low blow for the team in yellow. That player is representing the yellow team. All he is showing me is bad sportsmanship. I wonder if the other players on that team feel that way.  Take a look for yourself.

See what I mean? It almost looks like the guy in blue was clothes lined. The ball boy (in the green)  can't believe what he just saw and has no idea what to do. Number 11 on the blue team is like whaaaaaat?  Number 3 on the blue team (the one that had his feet kicked out from under him) picked up the player like a rag doll and just throws him on the turf. Hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do in that situation. Good thing number 3 was stopped. It looks to me like he was going to kick the guy in yellow for all he's worth.

I wonder who won?

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