Snowmobile season is just about to get underway in the Capital Region and all around New York. Are you ready? Are you just getting started for the first time? Here are some helpful hints and things you should know before the season starts up.

First of all, none of the local trails will be open until the local club inspects and officially declares it safe to ride. This goes for everyone, beginner or expert. We have had a significant amount of snow but also mild temps. There are water holes, fallen trees, ruts and more hiding underneath those inches of snow.

New York Snowmobiler offers great suggestions for first timers on a sled and for anyone new to riding throughout New York. One suggestion is to rent a sled. There are several places where you can rent and sometimes get a lesson before heading into the woods. Here are a few:

Find more about sledding in New York at New York State Snowmobile Association.

If you have been sledding for a while but are new to New York you need to know that the state requires you to register your snowmobile. Click HERE to learn what you need to do to get it registered.



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