Getting snow in June isn't unheard of in CNY. Who remembers the snow in 2009?

Accuweather reported on June 1, 2009, it was 32 degrees with heavy snow and only a 1/4 mile visibility at 7 PM in Saranac Lake. Ha! Snow happens anytime in CNY, but what we see above is dandelion fluff.

Dandelion fluff with the seed is like a parachute that can travel over 100 miles. Once the downy fluff has landed and gets established the roots can grow 15 feet into the ground. No wonder it's so difficult to kill the self-pollinating weed on your lawn!  After all, it only takes a few days to go from a bright yellow flower to the white floaties which are extremely successful at populating a widespread area says Home Guides.

Are your allergies acting up? Livestrong says the dandelion fluff is directly linked to ragweed allergies, which the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates affects 10 to 20 percent of all Americans. Ragweed plants like the dandelion produce pollen in the summer through the late fall in CNY. Some people are affected so badly that they need to see an allergist for treatment to help reduce symptoms.

So the bottom line is, the dandelion fluff is so bad in CNY that it actually looks like it's snowing.

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