Summer can be very busy with home projects, vacations, and enjoying the outdoors. At least this year when it wasn’t raining and that was every other week. September is just around the corner and for pet owners like myself, it’s also Senior Pet Awareness month. 

Most everyone knows my wife and I are very much dog people. We have always had at least two dogs in our household. Anyone that has animals knows as with the changing of the seasons advanced age begins to set in after 7 years.

Dogs are considered “seniors at seven,” so if your pet is seven years of age or older, here are some things you should pay attention to according to Dr. David Nickel, DVM.

  1. Slow to rise in the morning

  2. Slow to go upstairs

  3. Decreased activity

  4. Bad Breath

  5. Increased water consumption

  6. Increased urination

  7. Unexplained change in weight, up or down

  8. Difficulty hearing

  9. Difficulty seeing

Dr. Nickel also suggests your senior pet sees their veterinarian 2 times a year.  He tells us one in four senior pets can have underlying medical issues. Preventative visits can detect changes, provide intervention, successfully treat them and offer your pet quality of life.

So if you love your pet, observe their behavior and if they haven’t gone to the veterinarian in a long time, make that appointment for your best friend.



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