During these unprecedented times there is no doubt life as we know it has changed. The Siena College Research Institute has released results from a recent survey on how the lives of New Yorkers have changed amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Siena calls it the "Special New York State Coronavirus Crisis Poll." The survey touches on everything from financials to the mental health of New Yorkers. One of the main questions asked is, are people actually social distancing? A positive revealed from the study is 95% of New Yorkers are practicing some form of social distancing.

If you break those numbers down, "Fourteen percent of New Yorkers say that they are under mandatory quarantine, 42 percent are self-quarantining, 39 percent are practicing social distancing." The survey revealed only 4% are going about life as usual.

Financial Concerns

Many people fear the financial repercussions of the Governor's measures. The Siena survey states 51% of New Yorkers believe they will not be able to meet monthly financial obligations. 37% of New Yorkers fear they will be laid-off by their employer.

Retirement funds are also a concern for people. The Survey states, "Nearly 60 percent are concerned with their retirement savings or investments losing value." The concern over money is real as "over half of young people and those making under $50,000 a year,are concerned with being able to afford food."

Health Concerns

When you look at the health concerns of New Yorkers, the numbers indicated that a vast majority of people are at least somewhat worried about the health ramifications of COVID-19. 82% of respondents admitted they were concerned for their health.

The mental health of New Yorkers are also being dramatically impacted by the threat of the virus. The director of SCRI Dr. Don Levy says,

And as the crisis continues, the emotional toll is starting to mount. Two-thirds of New Yorkers say that their anxiety level is up, 66 percent say they feel powerless and wish there was something more they could do and 62 percent say that ‘it’s starting to feel like this will never end.

Oneida County has established a hotline for those dealing with a mental health crisis in the midst of this pandemic. That number is 1-800-678-0888.

Some Positives From The Survey

There is a light in the tunnel for New Yorkers. The survey also highlighted some positive numbers revealed by the poll. 67% of New Yorkers believe that they are learning to enjoy the small things in life. 75% of respondents say they appreciate the extra time they have with the ones they love while self-quarantining. Dr. Levy says,

An overwhelming number of New Yorkers say that they are getting a chance to appreciate –whether by watching old movies, playing games or just being together –having extra time with those that they are close to.

This survey was conducted by SCRI from March 30th, 2020 until April 2nd, 2020. The questions were asked via landline phone or cell phone and from a proprietary panel of New Yorkers. Over 800 people were surveyed.

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