A new poll from the Siena Research Institute finds 62-percent of New Yorkers say completely opening schools runs too great a risk of spreading the coronavirus.

66-percent say colleges should only deliver remote education and not bring students back to campus for fall semester.

“As schools across New York grapple with whether to or how to open in the fall, by nearly two to one, New Yorkers say completely opening schools runs too great a risk,” according to SCRI Director, Don Levy.“Despite recognizing how hard not opening is on kids and their families, only a third say that the negative effect on students is too great and that we have to bring the children back to school.”

Meanwhile, 51-percent of state residents think the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come, down from 66-percent two months ago.

And 70-percent say the government’s top priority should be to contain the spread of the virus, even if it hurts the economy.

As New York continues to reopen, large majorities of New Yorkers are not comfortable with dining indoors at a restaurant, having a drink at a bar, watching a movie at a theater or going to a bowling alley.


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