Utica and Rome City Halls, as well as senior centers in both cities, will be open to the public beginning June 1.

Mayors Robert Palmieri and Jackie Izzo made the announcement today in a joint statement.

They say the moves were made after conversations with fellow officials and public health officials. Both Mayors say they have extensively engaged with health officials since last fall, as it involves the population most vulnerable to COVID-19.

In order for senior centers to reopen, each center must craft reopening safety plans and implement appropriate measures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The reopening plans for each senior center must be approved by the Oneida County Health Department prior to the senior reopening.

“The reopening of City Hall and our senior centers is yet another positive step in our community responsibly resuming the quality of life activities and everyday amenities we enjoy. I thank Mayor Izzo for her continued partnership as we will continue to work together, and in coordination with other public officials, to promote the health and safety of our residents,” said Palmieri.

Residents are encouraged to call their respective senior centers to learn more about days and hours of operation and what programming will be available to them.

While senior centers and City Halls will be open to the public, health guidelines like wearing a face covering and social distancing will be required.

“I would like to thank Mayor Palmieri for his wonderful partnership throughout this public health emergency and our partnership will continue as we bring our cities back to a full sense of normalcy.” said Izzo.

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