The opioid addiction crisis is killing people at an alarming rate. Is there a safer way to handle it?

Last year, overdose death killed more Americans than in the entire 20 years of the Vietnam war. End Overdose NY says offering safe consumption spaces reduce overdose death, public drug use, discarded needles, and the spread of diseases such as HIV and HEP C. They increase referrals to detox and treatment programs and save taxpayers money.

End Overdose NY is in Albany discussing details of safe consumption spaces (SCS) with Legislators. The objective is to end overdose deaths by allowing community-based organizations to establish safe locations where people can use pre-obtained drugs.

The staff at safe consumption spaces (SCS) also known as safe injection facilities (SIFS), safe injection sites, and drug consumption rooms, have monitored millions of injections with ZERO overdose deaths. Counselors are available as well as guidance for those seeking treatment options to detox.

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