Few industries have taken the Coronavirus hit like our beloved Central New York Restaurants. In addition to the eatery itself, there's a whole world of people from staff bussing tables to chefs preparing meals all suddenly idled. Seven Utica businesses are trying to alleviate at least some of the burden with, "Take Out" The Virus.

The idea originated with Gilroy, Kernan, and Gilroy, and has grown to include 6 other companies; Bank of Utica, Casa Imports, Indium Corporation, McCraith Beverage, ParTech, and Strategic Financial Services.  All seven are reimbursing their employees who order “take-out” from area restaurants.

To date, the group has generated more than 94-thousand dollars to help area restaurants and staff. The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce has now joined the campaign creating a web page, “Take Out the Virus, ” where other businesses can join. Here are the details on how to participate and the restaurants supported.

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