There's nothing like getting connected to nature. Start small with these beginner hikes and by the end of the summer you'll be tackling the Adirondack's highest peaks. 

From the finger lake region to the adirondacks, here's eight beginner hikes to kick off your summer hiking:

Green Lakes State Park
With over 15 miles of trails, this classic CNY spot is a great place to 'start slow' in your hiking endeavors, rewarding visitors with great views of the colorful water.

Stewart's Ledge
On average taking 20-40 minutes, this is one of the shortest hikes you can take to soak in views of Lake George.

Roaring Brook Falls
This spot offers a quick 1.2 mile hike near Keene Valley, and rock climbing opportunities for the more adventurous.

Hadley Mountain
With a round trip of 3.2 miles, climbing this peak will also let you check off one of the ADK 'fire tower' submits.

Bald Mountain
A classic hike for CNY locals, this shorter adirondack hike will give you breathtaking views from it's peak and fire tower.

Bear Mountain, Cranberry Lake Wild Forest
With a 2.4 round trip this easy mountain pays off well with views of the untouched region.

Highland Forest Nature Trail
Known as the "Adirondacks of Central New York," the forest has several flat, short trails that bring you deep into nature.

Watkins Glen Gorge Trail
One of the most beautiful spots in the finger lakes region lets you get up close and personal with the gorges and waterfalls.


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