The story of Scott Weiland's death is a tragic one and one deeply felt by those who were the closest to him. In a new Billboard feature set to appear in the Feb. 6 issue, Scott Weiland's wife Jamie and some of his peers and bandmates give a closer look at his final year, which included a struggle with his bipolar issues, the death of bandmate Jeremy Brown and several other family and financial issues which hadn't really made headlines.

In the piece Jamie Weiland revealed that Scott had been dealing with episodes of paranoia and mania brought about by his bipolar disorder and troubles getting his medication correct. Fans are well aware of Weiland's disastrous meet-and-greet with fans and a bizarre concert performance that the vocalist blamed on issues with his in-ear monitors.

"I thought that he had some rapid-onset version of Parkinson's or something," says Jamie, who revealed that it was actually a case of the prescribed dosage for the antipsychotic drug Geodon being too high. She revealed that after they got the dosage issue sorted out, it "was like night and day."

Weiland had openly addressed his issues with bipolar disorder, but Jamie reveals that there were moments where it was really bad. "He would be on the couch with a drink, smoking and watching whatever mindless television," she remembers. "I started to see he had ­paranoia and some of the bipolar stuff started to come out ... At one point, it was so bad I had to move out because he was unstable." Eventually, they found a medication that worked and Jamie says that for the last couple of years he was doing pretty great.

In his personal life, Weiland also was struggling, as the rocker learned this past year that both his mother and his biological father were suffering from cancer. The revelations by both family members caused a bit of a breakdown. Guitarist Nick Maybury recalled Weiland crying on the street before a soundcheck in San Diego. "We were just holding him, like, 'It's all right, brother,'" said Maybury.

Jamie states that Scott was taking six prescription drugs, but that mixed with his drinking did not help matters. "His body had ­suffered an enormous amount of abuse; that's no secret. But he was not done," she explained. "The notion that we're not supposed to 'glamorize him' [because he did drugs]? F-- that. He's an icon ... He f--ed up. We all f-- up. You know?"

Weiland's ex-wife, Mary Forsberg, recently filed to become the executor of the singer's will, alleging that he had $2 million in assets and a trust with an undisclosed amount of funds. According to Jamie Weiland, Forsberg may have overestimated his finances. "I don't know under what mattress she thinks she's going to find $2 million, because it sure as s--t isn't here," says Jamie. Public records show more than $147,000 in state tax liens on Weiland's property. "He was broke."

Concluding the piece, Jamie shared her thoughts on Scott, revealing that the pajamas given to her that Scott died in are still unpacked. "Sometimes I think he's going to walk through the front door. I just can't bring myself to do anything with them. I didn't think it could physically hurt to miss someone, but it does. I miss him. We all do."

Read more of the full article on how Weiland's death affected those close to him in the Feb. 6 issue of Billboard.

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