You read that correctly, psychology researchers at the University of Missouri at Columbia have published a study that confirms there are four types of drunks.

The study which is published in Addiction Research and Theory says that after studying more than 300 undergrads, they found that everyone will fall into one of four categories after becoming intoxicated.

The most common are Hemingways, or those who don't show any major personality changes after drinking.

Next up are Mary Poppins' who are generally outgoing types who tend to become even more happy and outgoing when drinking.

The Nutty Professors come in third. These types are natural introverts who become more social and lively after having a few.

Finally the Mr. Hydes - are people who tend to be less responsible and intellectual, all while ramping up their hostility (tequila anyone?).

You can read more about the study and find a link to the entire published report at

Skyline Chili Riggies

No matter what type of drinker you are, you need good food when you're enjoying a good drink. How about this mash-up of Cincinatti's iconic Skyline Chili and Utica chicken riggies.