Twenty one year old actress Sarah Hyland is best known for outwitting the awesome Ty Burrell as his rebellious mallrat daughter, Haley, on ABC’s ‘Modern Family’. She’s cute, she’s funny, and she’s tough: Hyland just revealed that she underwent a successful kidney transplant late last month.

We’re happy to report that Hyland came out of the surgery looking happy, healthy and more determined than ever, and she has no plans to put the brakes on her acting career, which is great, because her big, smokey green eyes and gift for physical comedy would be sorely missed on ‘Modern Family’ (You can’t expect Sofia Vergara to do all the … er … heavy lifting).

Hyland is a native New Yorker who started acting when she was four-years-old. After a spate of soap opera, voiceover and guest TV spots (one of our favorites was her turn as “Famous Person” on Comedy Central’s ‘Children’s Hospital’), she landed the role of Haley on the hugely popular sitcom in 2009. She’s been stealing scenes from TV vet Julie Bowen, who plays her uptight moms, ever since.

As ‘Modern Family’ slowly crosses over into hate-watch territory (The show has only been on for three seasons and has already recycled countless tired jokes, plotlines and “Oh my gawd, look at the chubby gay guy in the super gay outfit” sight gags), Hyland is making a play for the big screen with roles in two upcoming indie flicks, ‘Struck by Lightning,’ co-starring Christina Hendricks (nom nom) and written by ‘Glee’ star Chris Colfer, and ‘Gay Dude,’ with Nick Offerman, Dreama Walker, Megan Mullally and Gary Cole.




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