Sammy Hagar said he wants David Lee Roth to take part in his new festival this fall, but the invitation hasn’t been accepted yet.

Hagar’s High Tide Beach Party & Car Show takes place on Oct. 6 at Huntington Beach, Calif., and will feature a headlining set from his band the Circle, which also includes Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson. Joe Satriani, Vince Neil and others are expected to make guest appearances with the supergroup.

“We invited Roth,” Hagar told Trunk Nation on SiriusXM. “Invited him to come jam with my band at the festival … and his guy says, ‘Sounds interesting.’”

Hagar added that all he’s had since was “radio silence.” You can watch a video announcement for the fest below.

He also discussed his feelings about Van Halen, 13 years after his second stint as Roth’s replacement ended. “It’s been so long and I feel like it’s so far behind me … I can’t even remember,” Hagar said. “It’s really hard to imagine us ever getting back together. I can’t imagine it. I reached out to Al [Van Halen] on his birthday. … I sent him a nice text and an email and a phone message, saying, ‘It’s Sammy here, miss you, buddy, hope you’re doing good. Happy birthday, and if you ever want to get together, talk, be buddies, be friends … nothing. I guess no waters went under that bridge.”

Hagar and Roth toured together in 2002, both taking turns at the mic, finally giving Van Halen fans the chance to compare their talents onstage. Hagar revealed last year that he tried to arrange a reunion including himself and the original band members, including Anthony, but later said he was “over” the idea.



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