RSV is no joke. What does RSV mean? Respiratory Syncytial Virus the virus has been affecting kids at a record rate this season. In fact, hospitals have been overwhelmed in New York State with kids coming with RSV.

Now, the CDC says that every kid will get RSV by the time they are 2. Syptoms Most of the time symptoms will look like a mild, cold-like illness with a runny nose and coughing. Sometimes, it can lead to worse problems, which is what we are seeing this year, such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

Is New York State getting a vaccine to combat RSV? The answer is eventually YES. Pfizer has been working on an RSV vaccine and there is enough data that Pfizer has to start seeking approval from the FDA. Pfizer tested the vaccine in pregnant women and found that the RSV vaccine dramatically dropped the chances of infants getting RSV in the first few months of life.

On the CDC website now, they clarify that there is NO RSV Vaccine as of yet:

There is no vaccine yet to prevent RSV infection, but scientists are working hard to develop one. And there is a medicine that can help protect some babies at high risk for severe RSV disease. Healthcare providers usually give this medicine (called palivizumab) to premature infants and young children with certain heart and lung conditions as a series of monthly shots during RSV season", according to the CDC.

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