It's happening again.  People who claim to work for National Grid are calling customers and demanding payment for past due power bills, or for the replacement of meters.

Police in Rome say that they have received calls from city residents who have been threatened by the scammers.  Captain Timothy J. Bates told the Rome Sentinel that the callers are asking that payment be made through a pre-paid card for past due balances or their power will be shut-off immediately.

Bates added that in some cases, customers are told they have a faulty, dangerous meter that needs to be replaced, and need payment from the customer.  They are also directed to use a pre-paid card.  National Grid does not charge customers when a meter needs to be replaced.

Rome Police tell customers that if they receive a call from National Grid to verify it with the company's customer support number.  That published number is 1-800-642-4272.

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