Coyotes can look cute, almost like your household dog. That's where the similarities stop. The wild animals have been seen in Rome.

The problem is most people immediately think of the road runner and Wile Coyote. Remember these are wild animals not pets and they are looking for food.

First, folks, I'm pretty sure we don't have road runners in this part of the country. We do have coyotes however and while they are cute you really don't want to mess with them. Keep your family pet away from them as well. There was a report that a family cat was attacked one morning a few blocks off the east side of Black River Boulevard in Rome.

There have been several reports of coyotes in the Rome area and that has prompted the DEC to remind pet owners we do have coyotes in the area and for the most part, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. They usually give you a wide berth and you should to them as well.

Do not leave food out as that may attract coyotes. If you do leave food out to feed feral cats be sure to take the food in at night.

Coyotes have always been around and would just as soon not come in contact with you. The best thing you can do is DO NOT LEAVE FOOD OUT. Try not to tempt a coyote to use your backyard dog food bowls as a buffet.






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