It seems the Rolling Stones can put on a great show and satisfy the fans but not the stagehands. Out of 200 stagehands who worked last month's Rolling Stones concert outside Buffalo, 100 are still waiting to get paid as the first check bounced due to in-sufficient funds. says more than 100 of the stagehands with Local 10 of the International Association of Theater and Stage Engineers say their paychecks have bounced.

The stagehands set up and dismantled the extensive sets used by the Stones during the group's July 11 sold-out concert at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park.

The Buffalo News interviewed Justin Booth, a union stagehand since 1999, working as a rigger above the stage. Having a check bounce has “never, ever happened before,” he said. Stagehands can be paid from $25 to $50 an hour, depending on skill level, and the total payroll for the job was reported to be about $77,000. The Stones’ Buffalo show grossed $8.6 million, the highest gross for the final leg of the tour. “So $77,000 was like a drop in the bucket,”

Billboard reports the Rolling Stones have grossed $401 million from their last 3 tours.

The Zip Code tour wrapped up with $109.7 million grossed from 628,733 tickets sold at 14 concerts. Sellout crowds packed football venues in Buffalo, N.Y., and Raleigh, N.C., as well as a major league baseball park in Detroit and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the tour’s homestretch.

7 Eyewitness News was told by two different sources Big Whitey's (the production company used) business accounts were frozen pending a divorce. Late Tuesday, a court order was issued unfreezing Big Whitey's account so workers could soon have their money.


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