Finally! It's been discussed for years but now a long-awaited Kinks reunion may be in the works, with the band’s chief members, Ray and Dave Davies, speaking again. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ray revealed that a reunion may be possible and that he will be meeting with his brother to discuss it. “I’m seeing Dave next week. I hear that Dave is saying stuff in the press like, ‘I’ll do it, but Ray doesn’t want to do it.’ This is me saying, ‘Ray will do it if Dave does it.’” A previous attempt to reunite the band in 2004 was canceled when Dave had a stroke. A subsequent reunion later that year was also canceled when bassist Peter Quaife developed kidney problems. He died in 2010. Dave added: “Our plans always weave in and out of peoples’ health trauma. A reunion is possible. There’s nothing in the pipeline yet, but ... we’ll see. It’s possible.”

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