Rise and shine. One Syracuse diner is serving up unique meals, that look almost too good to eat, and they're back open for business.

Rise N Shine Diner has been closed during the pandemic and owner Danielle Mercuri has had to get creative. "All in all it's been quite exhausting," said Mercuri. "But in a way it helps us keep on our toes. Keeping creative, that’s just what we do."

Mercuri created a box of oranges with names of restaurants struggling during the coronavirus pandemic and sent it to Governor Cuomo, demanding orange zone businesses be allowed to reopen. It even caught national attention on Fox News.
"Since we got the word out from all of us in the orange zone and the unfair shut downs, we were able to reopen, with restrictions of course."

Since reopening, for the second time, Mercuri says they've been doing quite well. "It gave us back our chance to stay above water. We have an amazing following and they came right back."

Indoor dining is very popular at Rise N Shine and to keep everyone safe, Mercuri says she purchased a hydroxylator. "We call it the COVID killer. It cleans the air in the entire restaurant."

Outdoor heated dining is also available. "For some that are uncomfortable with dining inside, we set up a winter wonderland we had built outdoors," Mercuri said. "It was costly but we have to do what we have to do. Just to have any dining at that time, is a blessing."

Take out is still available at Rise N Shine in Syracuse. "Our take out is doing much better now but some of our dishes don't go well in a box. We make it work though."

From Cotton Candy and S'more pancakes to Cauliflower Breakfast Pizza, Rise and Shine has plenty of unique options for breakfast and brunch. It's not just the food that's unique either. Try the Kissing Booth Carnival Shake that also has a boozy option. the Brown Sugar Pop Tart Milky Cereal White Russian or the new New Bathtub Drinks.

Photo Credit - Rise & Shine
Photo Credit - Rise & Shine

There's a new bathtub drink theme each month. For February, the Valentine’s Day themed drink is an espresso martini topped with chocolate and roses.

AND they have Mimosa Mondays? How am I just hearing of this place? I also hear it's a long wait if you want a table, but a wait well worth it.

Rise N Shine is on Westcott Street and is open 7am-3pm.

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