Have you ever wanted to fly down the side of a mountain on a bike, but you lacked the physical ability, airline miles or guts to risk a serious head injury? Well, you’re in luck.

A Peruvian mountain biker attached a camera to himself for his thrilling ride down an unidentified mountain in his native land. The results are frightening – and thrilling – to watch.

The mountain biker doesn’t just slide off the side of the mountain and enjoy a leisurely drift thanks to gravity. He flies down a very narrow path that looks like it’s just begging to bump him off his ride with one wrong turn. He somehow navigates over very bumpy rocks and terrain without scoring a mouthful of stone.

Even if you haven’t ridden a bike in years, this mountain biking video is worth watching. For couch potato speed junkies like us, this mountain biking video is really inspiring. It almost makes us want to get up and put on pants. If that hasn’t worn us out, maybe we’ll go outside later today.

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