So at some point in our lives we all have this decision to make, "Am I ready for Retirement"?

I'm not talking financially ready, I'm talking emotionally ready to walk away from the grind, from what you have done a great deal of your life.

I still love the daily grind, the taste of bad coffee in the break room, the comradery of co-workers, and the strong desire for the weekend to come, it's just feels right to me. So I look at family and friends around me for their advice and it is runs the full gambit. My brother-in-law Andy, worked as a school teacher and decided to retire at age 54.   He stays pretty busy with grandchildren and some part time work.  Conversely my father-in-law Carmen, at the young age of 88, yes 88,  still works 5 days a week as a barber on Deverux Street in Utica.  His attitude is different.  He says, "Why should I retire" I love what I do every day of the week! 

So my question to you is, when did you retire, and why did you retire, or why did you decide to keep working.


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