Think about it nobody gets up and says with a straight face, today I'm going to clean the house! I know no one ever told me there was a correct way to clean the kitchen or well  the toilet for that matter.

Well, there is! check out this list of chores from Bob Villa  that you may or may not be doing correctly. You'll find that most of the chores that you have been doing for years may not be correct and what you thought was clean is really not. Even the education you got from your Mother on what you need to clean and how will be seriously lacking. By now I'm sure that you are wondering how come you haven't come down with some unknown bug that lives in your bathroom soap dish, well that is the subject for another time.

1. When doing laundry most people think the more the better when it comes to detergent. Actually you should follow the directions on the container to the letter. this is one of those cases of less is more. Too much detergent can actually trap excess bacteria and make your cloths feel greasy.

2. Most people, I know that I'm one, neglect to clean their ceiling fan—until they notice a small mountain of dust collecting on top of each blade. Instead of using your regular feather duster to get the job done, reach for a pillowcase instead. Wipe the surface clean and flip the case inside out to collect the dirt, which prevents particles from traveling down to the bed or floor.

Find the rest of the list here.


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