Who ya gonna call? Yourself, apparently, once these totally real and in no way fake proton packs make their way into stores and online retailers. Think of all the ghosts you’ll be able to bust without having to call the experts to do the job for you!

(Look, don’t blame me. Blame the world for enabling these people who create April Fools’ Day videos to try to trick you and/or promote their upcoming movies.)

This one is for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, the hotly anticipated reboot of Ivan Reitman’s horror comedy classic. The two films feature different characters with a shared premise and gadgetry, like the proton packs the Ghostbusters use to ensnare their paranormal prey.

Well after 30 years of research, Sony announced today (on, ahem, April Fools’ Day) that the proton packs are now real. This “product designed to capture content from a parallel dimension” features state-of-the-art technology that “accelerates proton from a hydrogen plasma cell and includes an actively cryo-cooled liquid helium reservoir.” So it’s got that going for it. Plus the wands that shoot the blasts are ergonomically designed, ensuring “maximum downrange accuracy.” No more destroying the bar of the Sedgewick Hotel ballroom! Most importantly, the whole gadget is slime resistant.

It weighs just 6.66 kilograms (how Satanic!), but Sony won’t say how much this incredibly impressive feat of engineering will cost on the open market. I suspect we’ll get a better sense when Feig’s Ghostbusters opens in theaters on July 15.

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