Hard to believe that is was 32 years ago today that Doctor Venkman (Bill Murray), Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Akroyd), Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), started a small "ghostubusting" business in Midtown Manhattan.

I remember going to see this in the theaters.  At the time, I was sure this was going to be good because of the all-star cast and the trailers were great!

Never did we realize that this many years later, without even blinking twice, we still respond to the question "Who you gonna call?", with a resounding reply of "Ghostbusters!"

From IMDB, the plot goes like this:

Three odd-ball scientists get kicked out of their cushy positions at a university in New York City where they studied the occult. They decide to set up shop in an old firehouse and become Ghostbusters, trapping pesky ghosts, spirits, haunts, and poltergeists for money. They wise-crack their way through the city, and stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, one which will release untold evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters are called on to save the Big Apple.

If you have never seen the movie, first let me say shame on you, then let me say that you can get it on DVD or streaming just about anywhere.  Happy 32nd anniversary to the Ghostbusters!  Check out the Ray Parker Jr. with the Ghostbusters theme song, below.

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