Go grab the tissues.

TV host Rachael Ray recently gave Mariesa and Chris Hughes a very special gift after her show found out about the New York couple's even more special senior dog rescue.

Right now, the Hughes are responsible for the financial and medical care of 126 dogs. Their senior dog rescue, The Mr. Mo Project, started after Chris' senior pitbull named Moses started having lower back issues and needed an MRI. The couple sold their hot tub to pay for the scan, and after Moses passed away five weeks later, Chris knew he and his wife had to help other senior dogs in Moses' honor.

"I remember driving down the road and I looked over at Mariesa and said, 'We should start saving senior dogs and pay for all their medical expenses,'" Chris said.

Although Mariesa originally said it was an awful idea, she obviously changed her mind and is now fully in on the mission of The Mr. Mo Project. She and Chris currently care for 20 senior dogs at their Clifton Park home, and they have 106 other senior dogs in foster homes.

"We cover those dogs financially for the rest of their lives," Chris said. "By taking care of the medical and the financial side, it opened up so many homes and we've been really blessed to find the foster homes we have."

Chris and Mariesa's commitment to the 126 dogs is absolutely incredible. Not only do they have ramps, a HUGE dog bed, an oxygen tank, a hydrotherapy unit and black agility tiles throughout their house to make areas accessible and comfortable to the senior dogs, but they have also forked out a lot of money and made many sacrifices to make sure their dogs get the care they deserve.

The couple said they spend between 40 to 45 thousand dollars a month just on the 106 dogs in foster homes, and they will do whatever it takes to come up with the money. The couple even raffled off Mariesa's wedding ring to cover a $10,000 vet bill, but the winner insisted that Mariesa keep her ring... and the money.

The couple recently made an appearance on Rachael Ray's show, where the TV host and pet insurance company Petplan donated $10,000 to The Mr. Mo Project. There were many tears of joy, smiles and thank you's to go around.

"There's no way to top this story," Ray said. "[You're] helping seniors, helping those in need, helping the meekest and those most in need and most suffering."

You can check out the full story from the show and learn more about the couple's amazing project below.

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