It's always fun to try to get our dogs to do some crazy things. Will they avoid your furniture if it's covered in tin foil? 

I'm sure there is more that one person that has used a squirt gun with water to try and keep their cat off the kitchen counter. I have friends that have cats and they have tried the squirt gun with no luck. In fact, their cats look at my friends with a look of total disgust. One of those looks like you really think a squirt gun with water is going to keep me off the counter, get real.

We did a little experiment with our dogs Molly and Gibbs. There was an idea going around that dogs won't walk on foil. The experiment we tried with Molly worked, she wouldn't walk on the foil. Gibbs wanted nothing to do with foil and walked off and into another room.

Now, here we are three months down the road and I thought we would revisit the tin foil and see if the dogs have paid any attention to the foil and really took notice. Well, I'm here to tell you that not only do they not get on the furniture, I can take the foil off the furniture and they won't go near the furniture. I don't know who came with this crazy idea but it's three months later and these two dogs will have nothing to do with any furniture.

Even when the dogs get really excited when we get home they still won't get on the furniture. I would have thought they would have said screw you and got on the furniture by now. So, it will be interesting to just how long this lasts.



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