Yes, This is a real job. You can have a career in cannabis testing or smoking weed if that's what you want to call it.

And your Mom said you wouldn't amount to anything because of that wacky tabacky. This is a full-fledged career that you may have been practicing for, well, for as long as you can remember!

The company AHLOT is hiring for soon to be legal (October 17th) industry of reefer in Canada (New Yorkers must travel for the job). Their website says you'll get paid $50/hour (to a maximum of 16 hours per month) to toke up and evaluate the best that Canada’s growers have to offer. They'll also throw in an extra $200.00 per month for supplies like bowl/pipe, papers, new perc, screens, travel, munchies and whatever else you need.

5 Connoisseur Committee jobs are available, and the company AHLOT asks:

Has your passion for cannabis made you an expert? Are you the first to know? Are you the one friends ask for recos? If so, you could earn a seat on our inaugural Cannabis Curation Committee.

Team AHLOT will choose the best candidates to schedule for one-on-one interviews after the application deadline on October 17, 2018. Some interview questions you'll be asked include:

*How long have you and cannabis been acquainted?
*How many strains have you sampled during that time?
*Which one of the following is a bona fide strain?
*A trichome is:
*The ideal temperature to vaporize and evaluate terpenoid profile is:
*Who's your favorite musician?
*What's the last book you read?
*Have you personally grown cannabis?

Good luck and let us know how it works out!!!

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