Someone broke into the Dolgeville Rod And Gun Club and three other businesses over the holiday weekend. Do you recognize the thief?

The Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club, located at 697 Peckville Rd, Dolgeville, released this statement:

As many of you have probably heard, the club was broken into last night.
If anybody recognizes this person. Please contact the state troopers at 315-866-7111.

Lombardo's, Parkside Drive-in and Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter were also broken into. New York State Police and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club
Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club

There was a little damage at the Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club. A window was smashed near the side door and they reached in and unlocked the door. Our cash register was stolen and a couple bottles of liquor. There were a couple bottles of liquor that were knocked off the shelf. Bad enough but could have been much worse.

Please take a moment to study the photos and contact the police if you think you know the identity of the suspect.

Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club
Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club

Posts on the Dolgeville Rod and Gun Club Facebook page claim there's a connection to the break-in at the Parkside Drive-in.

Stephanie: Someone with no respect for the hard-working family's that we keep afloat, so we have a place to go locally.
Shannon: This guy has the same shoes as the one that broke in Parkside.
Logan: That's deff same guy from parkside same pants and shoes
John Beth: Do they suspect same person that broke into Parkside in St. J?

Do you think it's the same person?

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter released this statement about their attempted robbery:

Early this morning, when coming to take care of our furry friends, we were shocked to find out that last night someone attempted to break into Ayres around midnight. We are heartbroken!

All video and evidence has been handed over to the great folks at Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - NY and if you have any information or have heard anything, please contact them at 518-853-5500. Or feel free to message us, too!

It appears Lombardo's was closed for vacation during their break-in.

We will be closed for vacation from 7/1 to 7/15. Thank you for your ongoing support!

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office released a statement about investigating three separate but most likely related Burglary incidents throughout the Western part of our County. All of these locations were within our primary patrol jurisdiction and not within any Village limits.

Incidents took place at Lombardo'sParkside Drive-in and Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter.

We are working with the responsible parties of each location and developing leads to investigate. Thank you to the New York State Police for the partnership and assistance in processing the crime scenes. Stay tuned for a more detailed release tomorrow with some potential video coverage and suspect description.

Anyone with information, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 518-673-2554, 518-853-5500, 518-736-1850 or 315-866-7111.

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