It's crunch time at the Utica Rescue Mission with The Perfect Gift as we try to have something for each of the residents to open on Christmas morning.

We started The Perfect Gift 2020 with 51 adults hoping for a gift, and thanks to the generosity of Eagle listeners, we are now down to 23 residents. Please give what you can, even if it's one gift, together we can make a positive impact.

The full-time residents at the Utica Recuse Mission are simply down on their luck right now and need a helping hand. Without your generosity and giving spirit, they would not have a Christmas at all. Can you even imagine not having a gift to open Christmas Morning? We can't bear to think of how awful that would be.

The residents aren't asking for extravagant items. They're asking for necessities like clothing, hats, gloves, winter boots, and jackets. Amanda L is asking for a pair of sneakers, Blake L is hoping for undershirts, boxers, and a pair of socks, and Adam B would like a Walmart gift card.

This year due to COVID-19, we have gone virtual. All the requested gifts are linked to Amazon, or you can keep your shopping dollars local by simply clicking the 'Buying This Gift Elsewhere' on the right-hand side. You can then purchase presents in the area and drop the unwrapped gifts off at the Utica Rescue Mission in person by December 18, 2020.

How to adopt a resident:

  • Open the link of the person you want to adopt.
  • Add the person's name in the gift/note section and have it shipped to the Utica Rescue Mission at 293 Genessee Street, Utica, N.Y., 13501. You will still need to mark "Buying this gift elsewhere?" and "Mark item as purchased" to show the resident has been adopted.
  • For those shopping locally, please click "Buying this gift elsewhere?" and drop off the presents at the Utica Rescue Mission, 293 Genessee Street, Utica, N.Y., 13501 by 12/18/20. Please "Mark item as purchased" to show the resident has been adopted.

Go HERE to see the 23 full-time residents still up for adoption for The Perfect Gift

Deadline: All gifts must be delivered to the Utica Rescue Mission, 293 Genessee Street, Utica, 13501, no later than December 18, 2020.

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