Scenario time: you're stuck at home with the kids. A crazy virus has taken over the state preventing you from being able to go to work, the kids aren't allowed to go to school, and you're about ready to lose your mind.

This is the reality for many families. COVID-19 has many self-quarantined at home, trying to keep themselves, their families and others safe from contracting the virus that has infected thousands in New York State.

Being stuck at home has parents needing to be more creative than usual when it comes to their days. Planning activities for the kids, figuring out what meals are going to look like, etc. And let's be honest here, sometimes - we're BORED. Meals at home can be boring, but thankfully local restaurants are still allowed to serve food for takeout and delivery.

If you're looking for a great dinner idea and a great way to support a local business while being able to make memories as a family, here's an idea. Grab a 'Pizza Kit' so you can make pizza with their supplies at home!

Jonny's Pizza in Utica is just one of the shops offering this. You get the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice.

Here's some other businesses offering Pizza Kits:

  • Hot Off The Brick in Clarks Mills
  • O'Baby's in New Hartford
  • Joe's Pizza in Whitesboro
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