It's not every day you see snow in a football game. In Buffalo that was the case ovoer the weekend.

The last time the Bills had to deal with snow like this was November 21, 2014, and the Bills had to pack up and head for Detroit to play their home game against the Jets.

Well, here we are with the Bills getting ready to play the colts and faced with a stadium full of snow. Only this time everybody stayed put and the game went on. Nothing like tuning in to see the Bills play and see an NFL player making a snow angel on the 20-yard line. Not to mention a bunch of guys with leaf blowers clearing the snow from yardage lines. Believe it or not, it really was a good game with the Bills winning in overtime in a blinding snowstorm and are now 7-6 and tied for the sixth wild-card spot.

Still, nothing beats the player making the snow angel, who would have thought you would see that at an NFL game.

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