This is where we go for Prime Rib. In my opinion it's the best. They serve it every weekend but you better get there early or it's gone. I'm going to tell you the secret way of ordering it.

You'll find Patty's Pub on Rt 20 in Bridgewater.

My problem is when I get my dinner I forget I want to write about it. So by the time I take the picture I've had a few bites. Oops. Can't help myself.

A little secret is to have the Prime Rib seared. It's not on the menu but it takes it to the next level if you know what I mean. Just say Cindy suggested I have it seared with a side of homemade horsey sauce. So darn good.

My husband likes the burgers, wings, fish fry, scallops and seafood riggies. Pretty much everything on the menu.

The staff is really friendly like Teresa, Krissy, Brittany and of course Denny and Patty. It's a fun place to go. I want to try the shuffle board. I used to play years ago. Wondering if I still got it.

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