This was my Sunday afternoon. I never know what he'll do next. It's getting to the point where I'm not even surprised anymore.

Cindy McMullen/TSM Utica
Cindy McMullen/TSM Utica

After coming home from church and grocery shopping I was thinking about a relaxing afternoon with my husband. He had other plans. He was in the middle of a big project. A mission to get the hot water tank out of the basement. Douglas decided to use the big F 350. That's the job for this particular truck today. All of his trucks (5 of them) have specific uses, tasks or jobs. That's why we need every single one of them. Now ladies you may start crushing on my husband after seeing this. I mean who wouldn't want a guy that can drag a hot water tank up the road with a dog chasing him and not think it's weird!!!

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. This is just a little glimpse of my life away from the eagle studio.

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