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For certain generations, it feels as though the evolution of technology has accelerated many changes and as humans we adapt and discard. If a skill is no longer useful to us, we let it go. But it is possible that never before have we seen so many people with skills that went from necessary to obsolete so quickly. A recent Reddit thread asked people born before 1990 what trivial skills they have that no one uses anymore.

1. "Covering a textbook with a paper bag"

As the world has seemingly moved onto iPads and grocery stores have moved away from bags in general, this was one I had to think about as to how true it may or may not be. Consulting with a 22 year old for this article, he confirmed he has never done this.

2. "I can score a bowling game"

Have we become far too accustomed to the automated systems that now do this for us? Do we not know how to score a spare or strike with a paper and pencil?

3. "Using encyclopedias for school work"

Utilizing sources has always changed. This doesn't seem as egregious as the original poster, who's name may or may not be Britanica, seems to think.

4. "Saturday morning cartoons"

This speaks more to the idea of appointment television. Only being able to watch a program in the time it aired, or you missed it is indeed a concept that may be lost on younger generations who have access to so many on demand programs.

5. "Razor blades in the radio studio"

This is a love letter to my old school radio people. Razor blades would serve many functions in a radio stations, some more nefarious that others. But the official reason was to physically slice audio tape to edit and create. This was absolutely a thing and has been replaced by software. And the razor blades all but disappeared.

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