Panera Bread is moving forward with more natural ingredients. They're using 460 ingredients in their menu now. There's 150  items on the "No-No-List" that will be removed by 2016.

Some of the ingredients Panara Bread is banning is saccharin, aspartame, and synthetic benzyl peroxide. This is a positive trend that consumers are demanding.

Time is reporting Tyson and McDonald's made some changes to the type of poultry they sell. Chipotle is no longer be using genetically modified ingredients. I'm so glad restaurants are listening to us. We don't want to eat all this processed food. We want 'clean' ingredients and healthier choices. We shouldn't have to lower our standards because we're not eating at a 5 star restaurant. Kudos Panara Bread. I'll be dining with your more often!!!

Jesse Grant/Getty Images
Jesse Grant/Getty Images


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