Two 11-year-old girls from Rome are spreading Christmas cheer, while showing kids everywhere how to realize their dreams.

Tatum Butler and Caroline Holtslander are two young ladies who started their own businesses at a very young age. Now, the two young entrepreneurs are partnering to make your holiday extra special.

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Tatum founded Tatum's Treats early this year. Her mom says Tatum's "birthday was in March and she used her birthday money to buy a KitchenAid stand mixer. What 11 year old does that?"

Credit: Tatum's Treats

"She sold cookies at a garage sale this summer and sold out over two weekends even having repeat customers. Since then she's worked very hard at finding recipes and making them her own. She started Tatum's Treats Facebook page in late August, selling as NYS registered home processor, mostly to friends and family, and participated in the Young Entrepreneur Expo in Boonville this October and has fully taken off since then."

Credit: Dangles by Caroline

Caroline founded 'Dangles by Caroline' two years ago, and started making and selling handmade earrings to people all over - including through her Etsy page. Caroline also added masks to her company's offerings. In November, Caroline committed to donating a mask to the Kelberman Center for every autism-themed mask she sold.

Now, the two young ladies are partnering to offer Tatum's cookies with Caroline's masks. There are currently six holiday mask designs available at $10 per mask and you can add these directly to your Tatum's Treats order.


If you want to order from either of these young ladies, you can find them both on Facebook: Tatum's Treats and Dangles by Caroline.

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