This had to have really hurt! A person with a belly button piercing somehow got the ring stuck in a window at a popular Hudson Valley restaurant.

Belly Button Ring Stuck in Sonic Window in Middletown, New York

On Friday around 9:15 a.m. Orange County NY Fire Calls reported on Facebook that members from the Silver Lake Fire Department responded to the Sonic Drive-in at 368 Route 211 East Middletown, New York for reports of a person who got a belly button ring stuck in a window of the fast-food joint.

"Silver Lake Fire | Rescue Call | 368 Rt 211 East | Sonic | Belly Button Ring Stuck in a Window," the Orange County NY Fire Calls post read.

Orange County First Responders Rush To Middletown Sonic Drive-In


The Silver Lake Fire Department is a 100 percent volunteer department. I would imagine new members never thought they would respond to a call like this one. The Mechanicstown Fire Company, which is also all-volunteer, and EMS were also on the scene, according to Orange County NY Fire Calls.

"You just can't make this up," Orange County NY Fire Calls stated on Facebook.

People on Facebook wondered what the call to 911 was like.

"How many times did the call taker/dispatcher have to ask the caller to repeat themselves to make sure they heard them correctly? Cause I know I would probably be scratching my head and trying not to laugh," one person commented on the Facebook post.

Person Freed After Getting Belly Button Ring Stuck in Window in Orange County, New York

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First responders were able to free the unnamed victim.

"Victim has been rescued, under control, thoughts and prayers," Orange County NY Fire Calls added on Facebook.

It's unclear if the unnamed victim was injured, but people on Facebook were quick to point out that whoever did get stuck was probably in significant pain.

"It hurts if the belly ring gets caught. If the person could not reach to unhook it, it can very well ripe," one person wrote.


"The amount of nerve endings in your belly button doesn’t really make this a funny harmless joke," another person commented.

How In The World Did This Happen!?

The question I'm sure you are wondering is, how did this happen? Unfortunately, more information isn't known at this time.

"Isn’t this at a Sonic? What window are you sneaking out of at a Sonic? There is something pretty odd going on, lol," one person wrote on the Facebook post.

It's also unclear what window the person got stuck in. If you look at the pictures, seen above and below, there aren't many windows at the Sonic Drive-In.


"What a terrible way to get 'caught' sneaking out," another person commented.

We will update if more information is learned

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