How on earth did Oneonta High School Get on 'The Tonight Show?' Who or what is the connection? Let's get to the bottom of this. Curious minds want to know.

Jimmy Fallon in his best 'Bill and Ted' voice is Bobby Ristick. Dwayne Johnson is Logan Duffy a.k.a. Dufftron 3000. Awarded with the worst GPAs, they give the YellowJackets of 1989 "some words of wisdom." They talk about how kids shouldn't get caught up in "fads" like "computers" which as the rock explains is just "a dumb box of wires" and Jimmy calls tablets and cell phones "a dumb book with faces on it." They talk about the future and how "time sucks" and make some funny references to Bon Jovi's commencement at Rutgers.

Still, don't know how Oneonta HS fits into this but I'm searching for an answer.

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