Oneida County primary Election elections results are in.

There were just four local races in the county being decided this month, with the winner taking the party line into the general election this November.

Here are the numbers based on data provided by Oneida County Board of Elections:

Deerfield Councilperson - Democratic Nomination (vote for 2)

  • Joseph Leonard, 36
  • Philip Sacco, 119
  • Gregory Sacco, 123

New Hartford Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Republican Nomination

  • Cheryl Jassak-Huther, 275
  • Richard Woodland Jr., 175
  • Melody Fancett, 207

Vienna Town Supervisor - Republican Nomination

  • Michael Davis Sr., 143
  • William Graham, 32

Town of Western Highway Superintendent - Republican Nomination

  • Philip Spoor, 44
  • Amanda McGovern, 68
  • Thomas Smith Jr., 55

Please note: The results posted above are unofficial and only reflect ballots cast in machines on Tuesday. Oneida County Board of Elections officials noted that tallies from early voting and absentees were not included in their original number count.

At the end of the night when all election day votes are tallied, we will be adding the early voting results. This will change the final totals.


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