I'll admit it, I still go to McDonald's. It's no secret that the food isn't exactly the best for your health, but it carries a lot of nostalgia for people, including myself.

I have fond memories of getting out of Saturday school and my dad would always take me to McDonald's for lunch. We would share McNuggets with sweet & sour sauce, and to this day I think back to those times whenever I indulge in some McNuggets,

That was in the late '90s and early 2000s, however, and the prices were a bit cheaper than they are now. What about McDonald's prices in the '70s? You would have to imagine they're pretty low...but maybe not this low.

Check out a random McDonald's menu from the '70s.

I know, I know, the cost of living was a lot lower and everything was cheaper back then, but just take a look at those prices!

You could have a huge feast for just two bucks. Hypothetically, if a restaurant decided to have these menu prices for just one day, the line would stretch for a couple of miles; I'm not even kidding.

That "Triple Ripple Ice Cream Cone" looks pretty good. I wish that was still on the menu. It's cool to see that the Filet-O-Fish has stood the test of time, although I'm not a big fan of cheese on anything fish-related.

Sorry, you're probably hungry now.

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