Raising kids is never easy whether you're living in a city, rural community, or high in the trees like these Oneida County Eagle parents. Their nest was attacked for a second time and our wildlife photographer, William Straite was there to capture the moment.

William, who spends more time in the field than most of us spend just being awake, was on an adventure to update the nesting eagle parents as eaglets are due to be hatching soon. As he and some friends were settled in they noticed an Osprey perched high on a tower intently watching the Eagles Nest. More visual scouting led to the discovery of an Osprey nest about 400 yards away from the Eagle's home.

There are no single parent families in the Eagle world and both birds are usually at the nest. At the moment of the attack, one of the parents was apparently away hunting food when William says they heard the screech of the Osprey and it began circling the Eagle's nest getting lower with each circle

Out of nowhere the second Eagle comes rushing in and we watched him slam into the Osprey in mid flight and then continued to nip at and attempt to push the Osprey away using it's talons.

William witnessed the Eagle and Osprey disappear from sight. The Eagle returned a few minutes later and took over nesting duties. Check out the amazing photos below, you can see the anger in the eyes of the Eagles.

Oneida County Eagles Nest

Pair of Eagles protecting their nest from an Osprey attack in Oneida County, NY.

Of course, Oneida County isn't the only Eagles nest under William's watchful eye. He also keeps tabs on a pair of adult Eagles in Oswego County. If you ever wondered what has a man so dedicated to taking photos of Eagles, he explains it best.

Co-Parenting, equal responsibility, joint dedication and commitment are one of the reasons that I love Eagles the way I do. A fierce yet loving provider for their loved ones....

Compared to the Oneida County Eagles nest, this one seems to be all sunshine and blue skies. See William's amazing pics below, with a beautiful blue sky as a background.

Oswego River Eagles Nest

Eagle parents near Oswego River nesting.

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