There is at least one thing Utica sure has going for it. That's how rich in history it is. Including the fact that a former US Vice President is from here.

Not all too many people in the way of politicians really made it to a big stage from Utica. That is so not the case when it comes to James S. Sherman. Sherman served as the 27th Vice President of The United States. You can only really get one step higher than that obviously. Sherman served under the 27th President, William Howard Taft.

Public Domain (Library of Congress)
Public Domain (Library of Congress)

When asking many people about him, nobody really had any clue who he was. That isn't all too shocking as most Vice Presidents never really get recognition unless they make it to the presidency. So odds are that not many textbooks really covered a whole lot of him. Sherman was widely liked though, and he was born and raised here.

A few fun facts about him, his middle initial is S, which stands for Schoolcraft. Kind of an odd middle name, but unique. He also has a marble bust at the US Capitol, all Vice Presidents do. Sherman's however is the only one that has a pair of glasses carved into it. He also wasn't replaced in 1912 when he was on President Taft's reelection bid after death. Instead, Taft ran it alone. There surely can't be too many times that happened.

Public Domain (Library of Congress)
Public Domain (Library of Congress)

James Schoolcraft Sherman is buried right here in Utica at Forest Hill Cemetery. He resided here for the majority of his life also. His home apparently is now a parking lot. Such a shame as this home looks very ornate. A lovely way to conserve history, right?

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Back then Utica wasn't all that bad of a place to live. Obviously, Sherman stayed here his entire life. If he had lived in these times, maybe he would have packed up and moved to one of these places.

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